Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Difference Between Charlotte And Wilbur.

          On page 41, I noticed how different Charlotte and Wilbur really are. On the page, the author added a sentence that says " Charlotte is fierce, brutal, scheming, blood thirsty." I like that this sentence is in the book because they are such strong words, and these words fit her personality so well. I think the author added this sentence to the book is to describe Charlotte , but it doesn't describe her inner self , just her outer self.
         Another reason I like that this sentence was in the book because it shows how different Charlotte and Wilbur really are. Not only that they are different species , but they have different personalities. For example : Wilbur is very sensitive, weak, and he cries a lot. And that is way different than Charlotte. To me Charlotte is very strong, wise, brave, confident, and clever. This reminds me how different me and my brother are, he is very brave and smart like Charlotte, and I'm weak and sensitive like Wilbur.
        I just find it so funny that they are two different species and they get along well and they are friends. But with the other animals [same species] Wilbur and them don't get along, and they aren't friends. And this makes me think that you don't have to have everything in common with a person to be great friends , you could be different. I think being different makes for a better friendship with a person.


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