Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lina ♥

                                 I hate the way people look at her
                                 I hate the way people make weird faces
                                 I hate the way little kids just stop and stare
                                 I love her smile
                                 I love how she always brightens up my day
                                 I love the way she spits when she gives you a kiss
                                 I love when she tries to look at her nose
                                 I love her hugs
                                 I love it when she hits you and she says sorry right away.
                                 I love her cute crooked teeth
                                 Whether or not she has down syndrome -
                                 My love for her is unconditional.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

I like how ... ♥

Sometimes  when it's raining
I go outside and take a long  walk.
Because it's the only time I could cry
cry  without anyone knowing.

I like how the rain
fogs up my glasses
I like the coldness
of the millions. Of. Tiny. Rain. Drops
my face.

Response on the poem The Starry Night

          This poem was really confusing to me. At first I thought Anny Sexton wants to die badly. But then I had second thoughts. In my mind I was like why would she commit suicide ?Then when Ms. Galang told the class that Anny Sexton did commit suicide I was like oooh. The poem she wrote actually had to something to do with death and dying. Like when she said "up like a drowned woman into the hot sky" or "This is how
I want to die" - this literally says that she wants to die. I actually want to know why she commited suicide, I'm curious now.

           This poem made me feel weird, scared, creeped out, and nervous. It made me scared and creeped out because Anny Sexton used such strong powerful scary use of vocabulary that honestly got me a little scared ; and she also said she wanted to die a lot of times. It got me nervous because reading this poem kind of made me feel like I'm reading a story. Like I didn't know what was going to happen next... It made me feel like I was at the edge of my chair about to fall. I feel as if Anny Sexton did a really good job on making this poem very personal, and filled with lot's of different emotions. It was very intresting to re-read the poem many times and try to dig deeper into our thoughts about what she meant by some of the metaphors or some of the lines in her poem.

            I think Anny Sexton made her poem really connect to the painting Van Goh painted. It connets because they both ( the painting and the poem ) have a scary, sad, vibe tone to them which I thought was really creative and scary. I honestly think she didn't wana die just to see the Starry night ; I think that she just said that to make the poem ABOUT the painting, or else there would be no use in making the poem. But I do like the fact that the poem connect a little back to her life, and her thoughts.

          I love how the poem includes many different things or themes. One thing is death. Death is a theme in this poem, obviously because she says she wants to die 2 times. And she uses the word 'drowned' so that goes with the theme death. Another theme is religion. Religion is a theme because she adds the excerpt in the beggining of the poem. It says "That does not keep me from having a terrible need of -- shall I say the word -- religion. Then I go out at night to paint the stars" And also in the poem, it says the word 'god'  which goes back to the theme religion.

Painting Observations

Observations - black backround and there is a white dove in the middle. The dove is flying and speading its wings. The whole picture is black and white. The birds head is held high.

Inferences - To make the dove pop, or to show that the dove is important the artist made it white. To show freedom and peace. I think black and white photos are really powerful. I think he kind of drew the dove with its head held high and not low, to give off the message that you should always keep your head held high.

Interpretations - To show contrast between the white dove and black backround. To symbolize freedom. To show contrast and balance between the two different colors. Symbolizes the fact that in bad situations, always keep your head held high.


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