Saturday, December 11, 2010

Draft of authors note

        In the 1960's blacks and whites could not attend the same schools. The only black student who entered an all- white school in that time period was Ruby Bridges.
        The city of New Orleans had to integrate public schools because it was an order. Ruby Bridges took a test with a group of other black students, to see who would be the first to integrate into an all- white school in September.
        In the summer, Ruby's family found out she's out of the 5 people who passed the test, But, when everyone in New Orleans found out that Ruby Bridges is integrating into an all- white school, everything went downhill. Her father got fired from his job, the family couldn't go into a grocery store owned by white owners, and Ruby's grandparents were asked to leave the land they had share cropped for 25 years. Which I think is wrong and messed up.
         I think that Ruby Bridges is a brave confident young kid. I think that even though Racism was a big, big problem in the past - it still is a problem right now ; but no one is doing anything to change it. I noticed that people are not opening their eyes wide enough to see the issues and all of the racism going on in our country.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Extra credit. The End.

              The End

I'm driving on bumps and cracks
making my way to the end
waiting patiently,
I've been though up's and down's.
Rights and lefts,
corner to corner ; I slowly pick the right way and take it.
I've been through crashes and accidents.
But somehow, I always stay alove and somehow I keep going.

Green light tell me - Go and live your life.

Yellow lights are saying - Slow down and take it one step at a time.

Red light are saying - STOP, your making a bad choice !


Extra credit. Reading response for Hurricane Song by Pual Volponi.

        In the beginning of Hurricane Song, Miles and his Pop ( Doc ) weren't that close. Pop cared about his horn more than he did about Miles. But, by the end of the book, their relationship got better.

        In the middle of the book, Miles says " It wasn't a big space between us, but it felt like it was from one end of a football field to the other," I think what Miles is trying to say is that even though Miles is sitting right next to his dad, their relationship feels farther away. I really like it when Miles says that because Miles is the kind of person who keeps their feelings bottled up. And it is nice to hear that he is expressing his feelings, but I was disappointed when I realized that he didn't say it to his father. And when he says it, it tell me he wants things to be better between him and his dad.

        At the end of the book, when Miles is hugging his dad he says " There wasn't any space between us, and for once every part of me felt close to him," I think what Miles is trying to say is that a hug was all Miles needed to see that his Pop actually cared and loved him more than his music.

        Another way Miles knew that his dad loved him more than his music was when they had a fight with the looters. In the fight, Pops horn got bent and messed up ; but when the looters ran away Pop didn't care about the horn, he asked Miles if he was okay.  That really shows to Miles and us the readers that Pop is really loving and cares about Miles more than his music.

        Overall, Miles now knows that his dad really cares about him. Through out the book both Miles and his dad changed. I was hoping that at the end of the book Miles will tell his dad his feelings about his dad and his music ; but I guess he didn't need to because everything got solved.


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