Saturday, November 27, 2010

Research response #2

The reason why I picked hate crimes "Gay bashing" as a topic for me to research is because I think it's a stupid problem that has to be fixedasap ! I think it's stupid because what's wrong with being gay or lesbian. They should be treated the same/ equally as us staright people. I noticed that many gay children or lesbian children commit suicide because of people/ other kids bullying them/ teasing them by the age of 17. Which is very bad.

Um, I think both articles that researched and printed out are good and strong articles but I don't think these articles will be a good picture book. Because once again, picture books are mostly for kids and if I write a picture book on one of these articles the children won't get the book at all. It is possible for me to write a picture book based on one of these articles, but then the children won't understand the book, and it would be no use for me to make it a picture book if no kids are going to like it or understand it.

Research Response #1

The reason why I picked Rasicm as a topic for me to research is because I think even thought rasicm was a problem in the past ; it still continues right now. It's a very big important problem that is not getting fixed. I notcied that children are learning rasict comments from television and even from their own parents.

I think the first article I researched "Racism by Kimberly Brown - Feay" would be a very strong story/ article that I could base my picture book on. One reason why I think it's a good article to be written as a picture book is because the main characters in this article are the 3 kids, if this article has to do with kids then it will be a strong picture book. Im very intrested in this article out of all the other ones I researched, maybe because I think it's an important problem that has to be fixed.

The one Im intrested in is about an African American mother who has three children ; who are getting teased by other students in their school. Her 3 children are being called the "N" word and they are continuing being bullied and teased.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Write a poem or song responding to a specific social problem/issue .
Big , Brown , Blotches
Of Oil Floating In The Water
Killing All The Innocent Birds
Floating Around In The Water ...
Like It's Welcome Here .
Oh , I Despise You
You Big , Brown , Blotches Of Oil -
Find a true story about someone who changes the world everyday.
 11 year old girl Olivia Bouler is a bird lover and wants to help with the oil spill. She wrote this letter to the Audubon Society :
             "I am a decent drawer and I was wondering if I could sell some bird paintings and give the profits to your organization. I will do all in my strength to earn money. Signed Olivia."

       Olivia spent many summer at her garndparents' cottage and not only that she learned about different species of birds, but she learned to appreciate them too. "They're beautiful and elegant creatures, " says Olivia. For the last few weeks she's been selling her watercolor paintings and prints on the internet. At first her sales were slow but then when people started noticing them they have come a long way. She made in total of $1OO, OOO.

        She is an inspiring young girl , I've learned now that even the smallest people could make a change in the world , just like Olivia Bouler. It's amazing how much she cares about these birds and knows so many different species, " It wasn't fair for them , They didn't do anything wrong, " Olivia said , crying.


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