Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog's I liked

        One blog I really liked was Emma's blog. I like how she added a lot of her thoughts and her observations into her reading responses. For example, in her reading response to Starry Night, she basically just listed all of the things she observed but put it in paragraph form. I really liked her poems, they were well detailed, inspiring, and very creative. One poem I really liked was Hide and Go Seek, I liked how she added many literary devices like similes, enjambments, and she made it rhyme. It really showed that she put a lot of effort and thoughtfulness in her poems. I usually stop reading a poem after the first two lines, but her first two lines got me hooked, so I kept on reading.

        I also really liked Jason's blog. In his response to 'Please don't take my air jordans' I liked how he elaborated on his thoughts / his feelings towards the poem. I think even though the response was short and simple it is very strong and meaningful. I also like his 'Observations, Inference, and Interpretations' response on the painting. I think his interpretation was very good, and I also agree with him. I like how he elaborated on why this painting caught his attention, and what he thinks of the painting. What I think he needs to work on is punctuation, and his capitalization.

          I also like Melody's blog. I think all her poems came from her heart, and I liked how they really connected to her / her life [ except for the 'Babies and Fish' poem ] I think the rhyming poem was a very strong one. I loved how it was a strong / big issue but she still made it into a kid - friendly tone just like the poem the 'Incident' She made it into a kid - friendly tone by making the poem rhyme, and I guess by introducing herself and just making it simple. I think what she needs to work on is adding more thoughts and her personal connections in her reading responses, and overall just showing a little bit more effort.

       I also really like Isaiah's blog. His response to the poem'Incident' was well elaborated. I loved how he just kept digging deeper and deeper in why the author used a childish tone to represent this bigger issue. I like how he added his thoughts, feelings, and his connection from the poem to America / real life. I thought his response on the 'Incident' was very strong. I loved his poem 'Seizure' I think his similes were so beautifully written, and the poem itself had a concrete image, and I thought it was really done nicely, and he showed good effort in all his poems. I think what Isaiah needs to work on is making his poems more personal, and his reading response just a little bit more personal.

That Night

He was looking at me all the night
I would just look away.
Him and my friend are real tight
I was going to leave, then he whispered "stay"
I didn't know what to do
he was staring at me up and down.
He looked at my blouse, which was blue
nobody was around.
He started to un-boutton my blouse
I gave him a slap.
He blind folded me and took me to this deserted house
I knew this was a trap.
Everything was a blur from there
next thing I know - I'm home.
Sitting in my rocking chair
my mom yells in such an angry tone.
I start to cry, rubbing my head
my mom looks at me.
I run up to bed
and I just fall asleep.

She & I

I was 4
she was 5.
I slammed into the door
and let out a cry.
She was shouting
my mom was rushing.
I was pouting
and thoughts were gushing
Through my head.
My eyes were raining.
I fell off the bed
and the pain, I was gaining...
Was taken over me
I couldn't feel my arm.
I didn't want to see
my arm in such harm.

What Is Poetry ?

Poetry is words written
on a piece of paper.
Poetry is your inner thoughts written
on a piece of paper.
Poetry is your inner feelings written
on a piece of paper.
Poetry is -
a n y t h i n g
e v e r y t h i n g
s o m e t h i n g ...


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